Facility Accessibility Assessment Consultancy

Country: Thailand
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Customer: United Nations Secretariat
Number: 1613069
Publication date: 25-04-2017
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Facility Accessibility Assessment Consultancy
United Nations Secretariat
23-May-2017 00:00
BACKGROUND The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) located at the United Nations Buildings in Bangkok, Thailand is seeking the expression of interest (EOI) of a Consultant firm for the assessment of the accessibility of UNESCAP facilities as it relates to persons with disabilities, including but not limited to: physical and sensory impairments. ESCAP Administration requires the consultant provide a full assessment of the facility including: • the secretariat building (15-story building), • the service building (4-story building) • the conference center (3-story building) • and all exterior and interior spaces which connect these buildings and are found within the compound, as well as • the entry points of the facility. The Consultant shall consider all areas and disabilities noted herein as well as confirm with UNESCAP if any other accessibility items should be considered as the assessment shall address all accessibility items considered a part of standard practice to international standards. Scope of Work The Consultant firm shall conduct a full on-site assessment, in addition to review of supplemental materials that may be relevant and are available. The Consultant shall: • Determine the necessary accessibility items to be assessed, including but not limited to accessibility as it relates to physical, visual and audio impairments; • The UN would like any other accessibility items to be considered which are a part of standard accessibility requirements for new construction held to international standards; • Consideration for the unique needs of the United Nations conference centers, which may include additional accessibility requirements to accommodate the UN Assembly meeting format, for example; • Provide a list of the type of items that should be collected to inform the consultant of the existing conditions in order to make the best possible assessment of the complexes accessibility. Items to be considered to assist with data collection include, but are not limited to: existing drawings, on-site visual assessment and surveys as required and staff interviews including the Facilities Management Unit, FMU, Conference Management Unit, CMU, and potentially one other tenant representative. • After review and completion of all data collection items, interviews, surveys, etc. the consultant shall provide a written report which describes the areas where accessibility is not in conformance with international standards or shall be upgraded to meet the United Nations conference needs • Provide recommendations in accordance with Article 1: Purpose and Article 9: Accessibility from the United Nations document titled: “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol”. http://www.un.org/disabilities/documents/convention/convoptprot-e.pdf • The report shall include, but is not limited to, the items noted in the Deliverables section that follows. Ultimate Results of Service – Deliverables: The following activities and/or deliverables: 1- Phase 1: Pre-planning: Data Collection: a. The consultancy shall provide a list to the UN ESCAP staff of desired documents to be reviewed and considered before conducting the on-site investigation of the facility. b. Some documents that will be provided to the consultant for initial background review include: 2004 Disability Assessment of the UN Compound: an ADA assessment of all 3 buildings, The Conference Room C – Pilot Project Report with an explanation of the audio and visual features added to this conference room to renovate the space to accommodate visually and audibly impaired, and United Nations" Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol. 2- Phase 2: Planning: Collection of New Data a. The consultancy shall coordinate and conduct interviews and facility walk-throughs with the following agencies: i. Conference Management Unit (CMU) – This agency specifically focuses on the UNCC ii. Facility Management Unit (FMU) - This agency is in charge of the entire compoud Expected Duration: 1-2 month Requirement Experience: • Professional experience in architectural accessibility design including design to ADA. • Experience in the design of spaces for sensory impairments, audio or visual, is essential. Experience in the architectural design and implementation of audio and visual impairment elements and features in various spaces, including conference centers and/or conference rooms.
Ms. Niiara Abliamitova
Ms. Niiara Abliamitova
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