Improvement of Local Area Network Infrastructure at United Nations Conference Centre, ESCAP, Ban ...


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Improvement of Local Area Network Infrastructure at United Nations Conference Centre, ESCAP, Ban ...
United Nations Secretariat
14-Jul-2017 00:00
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) intends to improve the conference technology systems overall management by improve the conference network infrastructure in the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), Bangkok Thailand. The improvement is to increase the number of LAN outlets in the UNCC and install a fibre strand to inter connect the UNCC Master Controller Room (MCR) and two (2) ESCAP UNCC Data Centers to support an upgrading of the conference technology systems in the UNCC. This includes provision and installation of cables and necessary equipment, appliances, and devices as may be required to accommodate monitoring and control of new/existing systems and other equipment for the successful operation and monitoring of Conference Technology Systems at the MCR. The vendor who will be awarded the contract for this project is expected to coordinate with the vendor responsible for the design of the Master Controller Room (MCR) as all cabling terminate at the MCR. The purpose of this request for service is to, via a structured, open and competitive process identify the vendors most qualified to design and the MCR; facilitate the operation, monitoring and control of the conference technology systems; and support the future upgrading of the systems into network based solutions. The vendor shall work with UNESCAP to fully design a solution based on the specific needs of the MCR. The MCR is located, 1st Floor inside the office of Audio and Video in UNCC building. Brief Statement of Works: 1) Supply and install a structured cabling system in the UN Conference Center building (UNCC), a total of 328 outlets in the UNCC. 2) Supply and install a OM4 50/125-μm to support 10G multimode fiber strand interconnect between UNCC Master Control Room (MCR) and two (2) ESCAP Data Center (ESCAP Data Center Primary and Secondary) 3) Supply and install a OM3 50/125-μm to support 10G multimode fiber strand interconnect between telecommunication closet room to 1) ESCAP Hall Conference Room 2) Conference Room 1 3) Conference Room 2 4) Conference Room 3 and 5) Conference Room 4. 4) Supply and install one (1) rack sets in MCR standard rack 42U including rack accessories and PDU. 5) Supply and install power for network rack. 6) Cable tray and wire way for cable management in the MCR. All power cabling and data/voice cabling are contained within separate tray sub-systems with a minimum separation distance apart in accordance with BS 7671 (1992) Separation Guidelines (IEE Wiring Regulations, 16th Edition) and BS6701 Separation Guidelines (1994).
Chief, Procurement Unit
Chief, Procurement Unit
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